Conference COP26 CSRP Scholars 29-31 October 2021

Mario Aguilar
Monday 5 July 2021

Please note that the conference has been extended one more day due to the enormous amounts of proposals that were submitted. Thus, it will start on Friday 29 October and it will end in its first phase on Sunday 31 October. After those dates we shall listen together to Pope Francis’ address to the COP26 and I am awaiting confirmation of dates by the 14th Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa. Please diseminate widely and ask anybody who wants to attend to send me a request at [email protected]

The online provisional program for this conference:

“Uniting the World to Tackle Climate Change: Perspectives from Religion and Politics”

29-31 October 2021



12.00 Opening remarks and welcoming, Professor Mario I. Aguilar, University of St. Andrews.

12.15 Opening address by Karenna Gore, Executive Director, Center for Earth Ethics

Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York.

Karenna Gore • Center for Earth Ethics

Address 1: 30 minutes + 2 questions.




2.30pm Address 2: Dr Arvin Gouw, Indonesia, University of Edinburgh.


3.30pm Address 3: Professor Sheila Jasanoff, Harvard University.

STS Program » People » Director (


4.30pm Address 4: Professor Ratan Lal, Ohio State University

2020 Lal – The World Food Prize – Improving the Quality, Quantity and Availability of Food in the World


5.15pm Closing remarks of the day, Professor Mario I. Aguilar



Rethinking Context, Religion, Politics and Ecology


10am Morning address

‘Beyond Genesis to Contexts: Liberation Theology and Ecology’

Professor Graham McGeogh (Brazil)


11.30 Session I: Chaired by Dr James Harry Morris (Japan)

Curbing Climate Change: A Revisit to Hindu Environmentalism

Shruti Dixit (India)

‘And there is Beauty in Them’: A Comparative Theology Reconfiguration of the Status of Non-Human Beings

Hans Harmakaputra (USA)

Muslim and Christian Responses to Climate Change: Jordan and Indonesia as Case Studies

Ferry Y. Mamahit and Rana Abu-Mounes (Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford)

River and Soil: Christian Reflections on Poisoned Waterways and Farmland following the Ashio Copper Mine

James Harry Morris (Japan)


1.30 pm Session II: Chaired by Dr Eric Stoddart, University of St. Andrews.

To Let the Sea’s Diakonia Flourish: An Indonesian Political Theology of the Sea in Response to Climate Change

Elia Maggang (Indonesia/UK)

Hope Seeking Neo Eco-Ethics: Toward a Theological-ethical Invitation to confront the Plastic Wastes Problem in Indonesia

Adrianus Yosia (Indonesia)

Dictionaries as Ecological Tools

Jorge Cuché (Chile)

Strange Bedfellows: Why Climate Change Law Foreshadows a Realignment of Political Fault Lines in the United States

Tanmay Shukla (India/USA)


3.30 pm Session III: Chaired by Dr Ivón Cepeda-Mayorga (Mexico)

Climate Change: A challenge to improve global health

Gabriela Palavicini (Mexico)

Methods of sustainably managing Amazon Forest ecosystems by indigenous peoples

Ann Simpson (CSRP)

Energy transitions and the challenges of climate change

Ivonne Bell (Chile)

The complexity of the environmental problem: a proposal based on recognition and care

Ivón Cepeda-Mayorga (Mexico)



 12.00 Morning address

‘Our home is on fire: a five-layered approach to preserve Nature and human life’

Professor Jung Mo Sung and Patricia Guernelli Palazzo Tsai (Brazil)


 1.30pm Session IV: Chaired by Professor Mario I. Aguilar, University of St. Andrews

The Common Gaze and our Common Home: Reading Laudato Si’ as a Surveillance Text

Eric Stoddart (CSRP)

The Seeds in Papa Francesco’s historic pilgrimage to Iraq for uniting Iraqis to face environmental challenges

Angela Marie Boskovitch (Italy)

An Ecofeminist Approach to Laudato Si’ and “The Beloved Amazon”

Arianne van Andel (Chile)

Pope Francis: A Pope busy counting carbon footprints

Porsiana Beatrice (CSRP)

Is Pope Francis’ hope being dashed? What a five-year-old research on Laudato Si’ looks like

George C. Nche (Nigeria/South Africa)

From Dialogue to Action: Interreligious Responses to Climate Change

Joyce Konigsburg (USA)


3.30 pm: Main address by Professor Ila Delio, Villanova University

Ilia Delio, OSF | Villanova University – Integrating Science and Religion (


Concluding remarks and thanks: Dr Arvin Gouw and Professor Mario I. Aguilar


ADDRESS BY POPE FRANCIS TO THE COP26 (date to be confirmed)


ADDRESS BY HH the 14th Dalai Lama to the COP26 CSRP (date to be confirmed)


ADDRESS BY ARCHBISHOP TUTU to the COP26 CSRP (date to be confirmed)

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